Natu Hair Braiding

About Natu Hair Braiding

    Natu Hair Braiding

    To Honor Black History & The Fascinating History of Braids You Never Knew About :

    1) An article on ‘Natu Hair Braiding‘ :

    2) A Brief history of African Braiding – Braids have been around for a Hugely long time.  In recognition of how Braids hairstyles have been used to indicate a person’s marital status,  religion, ethnic identity, wealth, and rank within the community:



    What a blight on our history that Creole women in Louisiana were forced to wear a tignon (a ‘Head scarf’ ) to conceal their Hair & natural beauty !

    Tignon Laws, which “prohibited Creole women of color from displaying ‘excessive attention to dress’, were established in the 1700’s


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