Flat Iron For African American Hair: 8 Tips

28 April 2019





It is a very personal experience, choosing a Flat Iron styling tool for yourself. If you are seeking to have an understanding of ironing and styling tools, you should check out the Questions and Answers at Amazon.com. It is a place to start –

During my initially awkward attempt at researching this topic, I looked at one article written by a man who has a stepdaughter of African-American descent. He explained that his daughter liked a rotating hot iron with rotating heated polishing cylinder. Thus, today we are looking at InStyle MAX 1.25″ 2-Way Rotating Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener and Styler.

ceramic-tourmaline-straightenerThere are some insightfulQ and A on this flat iron – which actually is a Ceramic Straightener and Styler


TIP:  It should be noted that this product is an ‘AMAZON CHOICE‘. Apparently it is their favorite, of all the ceramic straighteners.  It doesn’t come cheap either, ladies.

However it just may get the job done — so you should read the REVIEWS at Amazon (scroll down for ‘Reviews’ once at Amazon).  It is touted to ‘straighten better‘ with minimal effort (according to Amazon copy).

From Amazon: “The rounded design of the rotating barrel and tourmaline ceramic heated plate prevents creasing and crushing that can flatten hair”

From the amazon product page : “the MAX Rotating Styler is preferred over flat irons for straightening and controlling frizz“.

Basically, it sort of polishes the hair, thus reducing FRIZZ.

Tip:  Use the Tool very slowly

Flat-Iron-for-African-American-HairI know that dealing with hair can be frustrating, and painful. I find myself cursing my own hair, which is WHY I can relate to anyone with ‘Frizz problems’.

The good thing about Amazon, ladies, is they have a decent return policy! So you feel FREE to seek out and find the ceramic straightener and styler that is BEST for u.


MORE:  8 TIPS For FLat Ironing Natural Hair – Go to this Excellent Site:

>> https://www.respectablereviews.com/best-flat-iron-for-natural-hair



You will want to remove all the tangles before styling (since the tangles can interfere with the hairstyling process).  You shall apply the deep conditioner the night prior .

Hey, it’s worth the extra bother if it protects argan-conditioner your hair ! 

Of course, you have to set the temperature to the highest for ‘effective styling’ of your thick hair.

(You must consider the thickness of your hair, to determine the proper heat setting)

Yet you should test it with a piece of Tissue Paper – if your tourmaline ceramic styler burns the tissue paper, do NOT proceed.

The stronger and thicker the hair, the higher the temperature requirement for styling. The African American hair is that Strong and Thick that it would require a higher temperature  to get straightened.


Ceramic Tourmaline Straightener :  What is The Best Size For Heating Plate?


The best size of heating plate to look for in choosing a flat iron for African American hair, should go between one inch and half an inch that can style the hair by untangling the hair.

That is one school of thought, one opinion — yet I want to REFER you over to the MOST complete (best and longest) article I found on the subject of Flat Iron Hair Straightener,  Ceramic Tourmaline styler, Titanium / Platinum hair styler ===> EXPERT ADVICE and Comparison of Stylers

Hint:  If you want to work on small sections of hair, plates that are  1 inch to 1.5 inches are ideal

BotoxforHair.net:  A Thorough Rundown

This expert site explains  How To Spot Counterfeit Straighteners, How to Clean Your Flat Iron,  about Leave-In conditioners,  tips about not using one on Damaged Hair or ‘damp hair’ — as well as a recommendation on Redken Spray Starch for heat styling, and thoughts on Prepping your Hair & the benefits derived from it.

Even though it is challenging to manage such hair, thick hair can withstand high heat when being straightened. Thus if your hair is difficult to handle, you can be encouraged that you will be able to attain lovely locks, or ‘a sporting hairstyle’ in the end.

Resource:   Best Plate Size For African American Hair – Buyers Guide :

For tight or medium curls, waves, twists and other styles, you do need a straightener that is 1″ or smaller – Visit Hairstraightenersstudio.com

Flat Iron For African American Hair REVIEW

By Jan Ashby  jan-ashby-local-marketer


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