Ladies Short Hairstyles: Enticing Examples For You

5 March 2019

Ladies Short Hairstyles: Pixie Cuts for You + Bob Hairstyles


There’s the naturally curly bob – as shown here :   Ladies-SHORT-Hairstyles

And there are ‘long pixie cuts‘ and ‘short pixie cuts‘.

You must determine which is most flattering for you.  There are apps to help you out… like if you super-impose your face into the frame.  There’s  Hairstyle Magic Mirror app (if You have an Apple device ); it is Free to use.

This way you can check the Pixie hairstyles that may be flattering to your face –  or check out which Bob hairstyle you’ll be able to rock !

Or…there’s  Infinigeek App — which supplies you with the Top 10 Hairstyle apps. There are like 4 apps for Android users to check pixie hairstyles, Longer Pixie cuts, Bob hairstyles, and other Ladies Short hairstyles.

TIP: hairstyles-APP (the rest of the “Top 10” apps are for Apple users )



Ladies Short Hairstyles For You:  Bob Hairstyles, Longer Pixie Cuts + Pompadour Pixie Video  represents each type of face shape – the 2nd shot on the page is The Pixie,  and immediately following that is the Soft Pixie.

soft-pixie Anne Hathaway looks great in her ‘soft pixie‘ — don’t you think? Many ladies consider her a short hair inspiration.  And it’s a style that goes well with long faces.

Now, if you’d consider a LONG Pixie, you’d be in good company ! U can see 16 Long Pixie cut ideas rockin’ it in 2019:


NOTE:  I provide a video at the end of this post on “Pixie Cuts for Round Faces


Here’s the Pompadour Pixie Hairstyle – in this video (roughly 4 min), The Salon Guy discusses UPSWEPT Pompadour

Head over to PINTEREST  to see a gorgeous ARRAY of long pixie hairstyles.

>> U can see EXAMPLES of Longer Pixie Haircuts at Pinterest<<

Robin Wright sports a Pixie Cut this year — have you seen it?  It is featured in the previous link — she’s in the center, 3 rows down.  Or visit Iconic Celebrity Pixie Hairstyles  at >>


VARIOUS BOB HAIRSTYLES:  SEE What Suits Your Facial Shape



A ‘bob hairstyle‘ is defined as a short-to-medium-length haircut for women, in which the hair is typically cut straight around the head at about jaw-level.

You can see an example of the CURLY BOB  if you go here  (it is the 5th one down).

There are about a gazillion BOB Hairstyles – curious, a bit?  If you are, you can witness some here – such as the Blunt Bob with bangs, Side Bob e.g.

An asymmetrical bob is shorter in length and cut into a bob that’s uneven, where one side is longer than the other.  Ever popular, it’s a style that fits any hair texture  (and doesn’t need much maintaining ! ).

And when it comes to fashion, Pixie haircuts certainly fill the bill.


34 of the coolest pixie cuts ever

These shots include celebrities and are in a Pixie Haircut Gallery –  so you may page through and see Katy Perry, Emma Willis, Emilia Clarke  e.g.

This year (2019), Katy Perry has embraced a very short PIXIE.  It is the utmost style for 2019.   >> See SLIDESHOW <<


Now I have a surprise for you :  30 Pixie Hairstyles For ROUND Faces



If you need pics of Longer Pixie cuts >>  VISIT PINTEREST HAIR GALLERY




COVERS Longer Pixie Cuts, Bob Hairstyles. Various Pixie Hairstyles & Cuts to SUIT Your Face shape, plus a cool Pompadour Pixie Video. Includes EXAMPLES of Longer Pixie Haircuts at Pinterest.. QUALITY Pictures and Videos from

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