Can Alopecia Be Cured: How To Reverse Traction Alopecia

16 February 2019

Traction Alopecia Dreadlocks Effect: Reverse Traction Alopecia


Inflammation means your body is responding to the stress you have put on your scalp. What can you do? Well, it is in your best interest to give your scalp a rest. You probably should remove any hair extensions after 8 weeks and braids after 3 months tops. And you can request your stylist to create looser braids or dreadlocks.

Only use high quality moisturizers and conditioners on your hair. And you want to be careful regarding how OFTEN you make use of flat irons and curling irons. If you have damaged hair yet intend to use coloring agents, be sure to have it done by a highly-trained professional. It is best not to apply chemicals to your hair yourself – let a professional do it (this means no home perms ).

Traction Alopecia Treatment For Dreadlocks:  Moisturizers To The Rescue 

Moisturizers: If you experience a dry/itchy scalp, you may employ the use of a hot oil treatment — yet it’s imperative you make sure it isn’t too hot; warm oil, or a deep conditioner, applied to your scalp twice a week can help soothe and moisturize an itchy, dry scalp.
Using a conditioner after each & every shampoo will also assist. Yet during the Winter, one should not shampoo too often, as it removes the natural oils – you can read more about SEBUM in this WebMD article .

You can read more on the Scalp issues and >> reversing Traction alopecia <<
>> This resource touches on causes, treatment, prevention.

Bear in mind you can also use vitamins, scalp massage, diet applications, medicated shampoos e.g.


Dreadlocks Hairstyles Women:  What Are The Burning Considerations


IMPORTANT: Try and minimize the use of hair blowers, curling irons. Over time, these do damage to your hair – when you do use a blower, have it on a Lower setting – specifically, if you can increase the airstream, rather than the temperature, your hair will benefit.

There are high-value products for you to choose — and I will get to those shortly.  But first, do you know about ACV?

In order to minimize scalp irritation that synthetic extensions can cause, use an apple cider vinegar bath !


Now on to some helpful products: Shea butter, for your scalp . Ok, why does this help.. Well, it only helps if you’re wise enough to choose a great product. Spend the time reading reviews at Amazon, or exploring premium products such as Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave-In Moisturizer at  features Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Curl + Style Milk for Curly hair,  as well as shea conditioners, sulfate free shampoos & Coconut Cleansing conditioners.

Ladies with Damage To Hair:  Recommended To Repair Your Hair Strands

At,  several highly-rated Argan Oil Shampoos to quench & repair the fibers of your head of hair :   READ REVIEWS

Professional Hairdryers To Consider

Ceramic hairdryers emit a more even heat, so you might consider investing in a professional hairdryer.

NOTE: a higher wattage will increase the power and the airflow – and if you hit the cool-shot button on your professional hairdryer to reduce the temperature, this will lock your style into place – and your hair won’t get so darn brittle !


There are activities that further stress the hair follicles and scalp. Micro-braids, as well as weaves and tight braiding, certainly increase the amount of intense pressure put on your hair (the scalp especially).     


Can Alopecia Be Cured: How To Reverse Traction Alopecia


Fortunately, there are a few things you may do to speed along your scalp’s healing process. For instance, Matrix hair product can help speed along hair follicles recovery.  INSPIRED by a Professional, this shampoo features Peptides, Keratin Lactic and Amino Acids that will give your hair good health — through a biochemical process, your hair becomes stronger and healthier (it may even get thicker).

This Recovery shampoo increases proteins in your mane, and the concentrated formula should reduce breakage as it enhances collagen and elastin.

Another great recovery shampoo with HIGH ratings is :

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo   Recovery-Shampoo

If you really want to know more on how you can heal your scalp/hair :

1) Take biotin and niacin supplements daily.
2) Do a Massage to heal your scalp. Try a scalp salt scrub. (Read more at :
The massage will restore damaged follicles, by keeping the bloodflow active throughout your scalp
3) Use a fortifying shampoo with botanicals + essential oils.
4) Use a premium conditioner. Specifically, a product with hydrating ingredients like shea butter or avocado oil.
Let the conditioner stay on 5 minutes.
5) Apply a heat-protecting spray to wet hair prior to ‘blow drying’ on a low setting.
Hold the blow dryer at least 6 in. from your head.


Alternative:  Essential Oils To Boost Your Hair’s Healthiness and Shine    Traction-Alopecia-Treatment-Scalp

JOJOBA OIL (Moisturizer, adds nutrients )
CLARY SAGE OIL (Stimulates Scalp )
ALMOND OIL (Moisturizes the scalp)
CEDARWOOD OIL (Scalp Stimulation)
Chamomile Oil (Adds Shine, Soothes Scalp)
COCONUT OIL (Softens hair and increases shine)
Geranium oil (Hair Strengthener)
Rosemary oil (Root Stimulator, Hair Growth)
Lavender oil (For a Deep conditioning)
Moroccan Argan oil (moisturizes, nourishes)

In the end, it’s up to you whether you pursue these natural cures and treatments for a time – to prevent true problems with Traction Alopecia.  Yet a simple “fix” like adjusting the setting on your hair dryer /blower  is something you can do right away !

RESOURCES – Further Reading from WebMD (Essential Oils and Hair )

and  Traction Alopecia Scars & Treatment

  ♦♦  Jamaican Castor Oil For Traction Alopecia

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