3 Philadelphia Hair Salons Secrets You Never Knew, Including Biracial Hairstyles

5 January 2022

3 Hair Salons Secrets of PHILADELPHIA You Never Knew, Including Biracial Hairstyles



1. There are BOTH Philadelphia hair salons for African Americans ( Black Hairstyles based) and there are those Philadelphia hair salons that are based on Hairstyles for Caucasians. Yet do you realize there are ALSO the Philadelphia hair salons which Specialize in Mixed race hair a.k.a. Biracial Hairstyles — such as mixed race hair twists (Shown on YT, is a Perfect example of How u split the hair into sections, apply your conditioner, and ‘TWIST‘ :

It is a 6 Minute video by expert Hair Stylist Joy Miller (wonderful accent by the way) – I appreciate how she easily demonstrates it on a child. So Moms, u can DO UP your kids’ hair in a Twist .. Yet you first MUST apply the special Hair conditioner onto your child’s head the nite before.

Once u get into a ROUTINE, it is not terribly difficult. If you are going to use Heat to dry the hair, why not use a DIFFUSER.  This helps direct the Heat, it is GENTLER, and it gives a SOFTER Look, without that Big, Wild finish.

It is a good TIP, I think, and Joy shows this at 2 minutes, 20 seconds into her video.

At 2 minutes, 48 seconds she shows you how to HOLD the hair, while blow drying it. She makes a comment, at 2:42 into the video, that You can opt to do it without the DIFFUSER — you change it up, by using the Nozzle.



SEE Here, where it is demonstrated :  https://youtu.be/Fz0CvVAfpk0?t=159

When I entered the Search term, Philadelphia Hair salons for Mixed race  + ‘Which Philadelphia Hair salons do Mixed hair‘, it returned THIS Answer :

Mixed RACE Hair Salon Results:     

1) Halo Hair Salon Philly,

2) Island Design Natural Hair Salon (does Dreadlocks, Hair Braiding )

3) DeCarlo Hair Salon.

You should call ahead to make sure, but I imagine they will try & accommodate Customers with biracial hair.  I Know that Island Design does

Hair Braiding and Hair Extensions


IDEA:  If You go to their site and click on ‘ABOUT Us‘ page, you can find out more on what they do.


TIP: Request the specific stylist who Specializes in Mixed Race Hair.

South Philadelphia Hair Salons:  FRINGE SALON

I noticed, also Fringe Salon, which is in the Heart of South Philly – they specialize in crafting low maintenance hair plans that fit your aesthetic and lifestyle — and Focus on Your natural Texture [they CARE About the Health of Your HAIR ].

There is one Stylist, I noted, who likes to do curly hair; it is Emmery Purfield. She loves cats and enjoys Japanese culture.

>> 1901 S 9th St #505, Philadelphia, PA 19148

>> https://www.fringesalonsouthphilly.com/about-our-salon


Fringe Salon is a boutique hair salon and art gallery located on the 5th floor of the Bok Building, in the heart of South Philly.  *Fringe Salon specializes in custom cuts, color and curly hair textures for women and men.


There’s a Natural Hair salon in West Philadelphia you might check out:  It is rated 4.5 (on North 52nd Street ).  The Founder of this Salon, Lorraine, has 20 Years of experience & began in Virgin Islands.  She is a connoisseur and
definitely focuses on NATURAL Hairstyles ! She received additional training in hair braiding, locking and hair weaving.



It is a UNISEX Salon :

Island Design Natural Hair Salon | Hair Extension & Hair Braiding Salon | Hair Extension |

West Philadelphia Hair Salons  Maria’s Hair Braiding

There’s a Salon called Maria’s that does Microbraids, Sengalese Twists etc.

There are West Philadelphia & You can read a bit more
here :

Maria’s Hair Braiding: Hair Braiding Philadelphia

Secret #2 on Hair Salons Philadelphia

I offer a report on Traction Alopecia and Cоrnrоw Braids (explored is All the issues a Person of African American descent may encounter.  You won’t be BORED I promise you, as I wrote a Lengthy, on-topic Post that covers ‘All the Bases’ and offers REAL Good Resources.

Hit it Up herehttps://philadelphiahairsalons.com/traction-alopecia-cоrnrоwѕ-and-braids-explored

Secret #3 : Most Popular Biracial Hairstyles – From PHILLYMAG.com :

From Milkmaid Braids (perfect for Rainy or humid days) to Bouffant Bun to Retro Ponytail :



Go Here To See more of ‘Natural Hair Salon Philadelphia


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