How To Do A Mid Bald Fade Haircut

6 October 2022

How To Do A Mid Bald Fade Haircut For Black Men

Today, I’m going to show you my simple 5-step process on how to do a mid bald fade. The first thing I’m gonna do is I’m going to take my trimmers, I’m using my gamma plus clippers – I’ll make my first guideline up. I’M going right under where my ear is because I want to keep this relatively low.

You’ll see me go along this process — and it should look something like this. Okay, let’s get to the next step.

Step number 2: now I’m gonna open my Clipper all the way and go right above that first guideline, I’m gonna go right to the edge where you see where the edge up starts right under that (very, very important). You do not go above that line after you do that – it’s gonna look something like this. I can identify and you should be able to identify where the space is from your first guideline to your next guideline. You’re gonna follow this process along the entire cut step.


Step Number 3: we’re gonna put on our Number one guard, and we’re gonna open the Clipper right above that second guideline you made — now once you’ve done that with your clippers open…you’re gonna close your clipper with the same guard & Start going against the grain right under that… and go with the grain as well to blend it.

Okay!  So now we’re gonna get into our next step. Now,  in Step number 4 you’re gonna put on your one-and-a-half guard and go right above that line, and fade it into the longer hair on top .

My hair on top right now is about a number four, but if you have anything above a three or even a two, this will still work. Alright part 2 of Step 3: you’re gonna take your 1/16 guard, which is the guard right under the number one … and fade in from the bald into the lower hair.

Where you made your first guideline, I’m gonna show you one side and then I’m gonna show you the other side, showing you the difference; because when you use the one sixteenth guard, it really does make a big difference. Now we’re getting to the good part. What you’re gonna do is you’re going to open your Clipper half way/ just half way, because you’re gonna blend your balled line into that 2nd line that you made (I’m going to leave the link to the Tutorial to blend in the bald hair into the Shorter hair, very simple: all you got to do is use the corner of your clipper and then interchangeably close it and open it — as you’re going along in this process — and start cutting out that bottom .

The reason why I leave that bottom uncut is because it helps me see the blend on top of the hair. Now we’re in the lineup part. So with the line up, the best thing to do is to always start in the middle. If you start in the middle of your head, you’re gonna see where your hair grows.. & in what direction it goes and then when you get to the sides, all you got to do is move in on a lowercase C motion. If you move in that lowercase C, it’s fail-proof when you’re doing a fade, because the sides are already bald but you’re also leaving just a little bit of space right under that ear.

So you don’t get confused where your hairline is now we’re getting into the blade, and I have another tutorial that I leave for you guys in the link on how to use a straight razor. If you do not know to use a straight razor, you can skip this step, but this always makes the cut extra clean crispy and it helps the cut last longer as well, nothing crazy and now that I have done the line up with that blade and my Trimmer, I could start going back and making little minor fixes. I’M gonna literally repeat steps one through four, I’m going to interchange, my guards and I’m gonna just keep blending until it’s to my liking. Once you get done with that use your scissors / use your comb / brush it out and then you’ll be fresh. That’s how I do The mid bald fade.

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