50 Short Hairstyles 2019: Short Hairstyles Black Hair

3 January 2019

   Pixie Cut 2019:  Cute Pixie Cuts For Thick Hair (Video)

[wp-convert-links name=”firstname” default=”Ladies”], this 4 min. long video shows some awe-inspiring hairdos, including the Pixie Haircut

If you are jazzed up to make a change, check out the ✂️ Short Hairstyles 2019 video above.  It covers 40 different pixie cuts for thick hair. There is good variety – and at 57 seconds in you see a pixie cut with highlights !

The ladies in these videos have thick hair, so the hairstyles demonstrated in these videos are strictly cute pixie cuts for thick hair.

A Flatiron tool may be used to style your pixie cut once you’ve chosen it.  Ladies, you may be inspired to check out this Flatiron for African American hair post

Roxy Bennett shows u how to ‘mold & style’ your hair >> Short Pixie Hair Styling .  It’s nice that she shows u which product she uses on her hair, at the outset — and also the Nourishing sheen spray she uses at the end.

Tip:  She uses a lot of SHEEN SPRAY  [See 6:37 minutes into Short hair tutorial video ]

>> Also she indicates a specific comb to use  Flatiron-For-African-american-hair

This is essential to use, because it helps DEFINE and Style your hair (it SMOOTHES out your curls so you won’t end up with ‘tight curls’ ).

Her hair looks quite lovely by the end — her bangs have curl, and her hair winds up with waves throughout.   Btw,  this is a 8 min. long YT video

? Heads Up:  U can start at 20 seconds into the ‘Flatiron for African American hair tutorial to save time


It ends up looking like a short, choppy pixie cut.   >> View further Flatiron Hair styling videos <<


Inspiring Flat-Iron-for-African-American-hair-video-tutorial YT Video on Flat Iron for African American hair

When I searched on Pinterest for flat iron hairstyles for black hair,  I found a real good board entitled:


How to Style Short, African Hair With a Flat Iron:  A Pinterest Board

It includes 11 Alternatives to Eco Styler gelIs Your Hair Looking a Little Dull (a pin), and ‘Top 11 Picks For Transitioning Hairstyles‘.  You may find each of these at PINTEREST.


BOB HAIRSTYLES & Trendy Short Hair For Black Women

In this video (which is 7 minutes, 30 seconds long), Bob And Pixie Hairstyles are Featured :


>> Stoked to see more of Short Hairstyles Black Hair ? <<

Resources:   Amazon Reviews of best flat iron for thick curly hair

Eco Styler Gel:  Reasons To Transition to Another Method



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