Goddess Box Braids: Fun Yet Regal…

10 July 2019

Braided as close to the scalp as possible, Goddess Box braids are SIMILAR to Ghana braids. The distinction is the SIZE of the BRAIDS.



A Chic and SEXY Hairstyle, it’s worth your consideration. Many famous African american women choose this elegant hairstyle – it is a type of ‘Crochet Hairstyle’. You can find the particulars at WIKIPEDIA:


What’s Your Favorite Goddess Braids Hairstyle ?

This kind of hair style can be described as “boxy”, as the origination is square-shaped hair divisions.  Synthetic hair is generally added to a woman’s hair – and this African American hairstyle can last for weeks, up to 6 weeks. Yet you should be careful not to leave it in too long.

African American hair care should be done routinely. High Quality Oils and Conditioners should be used. A quality heat protectant can help. And employing the use of Argan Oil Shampoos can be a worthwhile thing to do, as well; argan oil comes from the kernels of the argan tree (which is native to Morocco).  Majestic Pure Argan Oil Shampoo is made up of 100% natural ingredients.


Goddess Box Braids Hairstyles:  Consider the Thickness of Your Hair

To tend properly to your Goddess Box Braids, you will want to use organic ingredients on your hair — Goddess Braids hairstyle can be done in a VARIETY of ways. The ratio of hair for each braid is determined by the end design, and so is parted to support the look. To install the braids, a light gel or Pomade is applied; the hair type and thickness will necessitate what is used.

There are a number of Goddess Box braids styles u can check out. Go to sites like Stylecraze.com, or you can investigate ‘Best Hairstyles for ROUND FACES’ at therighthairstyles.comJumbo Box Braids ‘swept to the side’ are an example of a Hairstyle that’s good if u have a  ROUND FACE.


Goddess Braids Styles: Goddess Braids Box Braids To Goddess Buns To Goddess Ponytail Examples

See an example of  Jumbo Braid Goddess Ponytail :  >> https://www.pinterest.com/pin/607352699727573163

Tip:  If you click the above link, u can see a VIDEO of


At Pinterest, you can also SEE an Image of Goddess Buns :  



And You also can check out these types of  ‘Goddess Box Braids Styles- on Pinterest-Goddess-braids-hairstyle  Pinterest :

1.  34 Box Braids Hairstyles

2.  51 Gorgeous Goddess Braids


Envision Yourself in ‘Lemonade BRAIDS‘ :   StyleUki shows you a variety of box braids hairstyles — 23 of :

>> StyleUki

Look hip with these scintillating lemonade braids.  They’re EDGY .. and bring Balance to your Face !







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