Bald Fade Haircut Black Men – and Low Fade Undercut

26 September 2019

Hey what’s up  .. Today’s video is on doing a high fade.  When it comes to best haircuts for black men (a.k.a. ‘FADE haircuts for black men‘), here are a couple of popular cuts – the Fade Haircut for a Black Man and  a video featuring ‘Bald Fade Haircut Black Men‘:


Today I’ll be sitting here watching the video with you — giving you step-by-step instructions; so let’s go ahead and get into this video. Now to start this hour, we’re gonna prep the hair & brush it down.

Let’s find the direction that the hair grows – so we know which way to proceed with the haircut.

As you can see going in … am brushing it all down & getting it all ready. Am prepping my surface; so I’m gonna take my Wall Detailers to start out with. I’m just gonna make my guideline, as you can see I’m making a hard guideline.

I turned my Clippers around , and I’m just gonna start balding the client. I start from the end of the point and I just work my way back .. kind of making a line that goes vertical (sort of like a slope going up towards the crown of the head). And then I’m just gonna go ahead and turn my clippers around, bald it out.

Now with this particular client I can’t use a screen shaver on them — because he’ll break out in razor bumps — so instead of using the screen shaver, all I’m gonna do is just turn my clippers around ( I want to try to get the skin & the hair down as bald as possible).

You know, without having to use the screen shaver

So u see how I turn my Clippers around? This is gonna let me go down like a whole other level. Another thing I do is sometimes I use my T outline; with my T outlines cut a lot closer than the Detailers do – and so a lot of times I’ll do this with the detailer, and I’ll go back with my t outliners and just go over it one more time.

And I’m gonna repeat the same steps on the other side. See how my line is kind of going up like a slope — toward the crown of the head.

Starting at the point — working my way up — and the same thing, just going through balding out… getting it as bald as possible. Now don’t move off from this step until you completely finish – and make sure you get down to the skin. Get it as clean as you possibly can, before you move on to any fading work.

TIP: A lot of this when I started out involved a lot of prep work because we want to get that hair right, before we start the FADING Process. So I got my 1/8 blade now and I’m just gonna cut the hair with the grain .. and get a nice even surface. This is like Step 2 of the prep work of the fading; I got the hair on the side down as close as possible to the skin, without using a screen shaver.

If you can, it’s always great to USE a screen shaver… because you’re always gonna give him an even cleaner cut. And now I’m gonna once again — just with the grain of the hair, get it as smooth as I possibly can.

And now in the back – as he has cowlicks – so what I’m gonna do is I’m just gonna move up and I’m gonna take a higher blade or a higher guard ; and for instance, here I grab my Number two — and this is all gonna be faded out. So I’m not really too concerned with cutting it with “the grain or against the grain”. Ok, so I’m just gonna cut it against the grain because I wanted to get a nice even surface all the way around — and so i went ahead & knocked that cowlick out… against the grain.

So it’s not gonna take you any lower than that 180 I have on top — and right here.. ok, these are not fake masters. Don’t pay attention to the play on the front of the Clipper – these are just regular Andis Master clippers … Continue watching


Low Fade Undercut BLACK Men

or low fade haircut black video :

This is a 1 Minute video demonstration.  It is an Easy FADE Haircut done with Clippers.


Resources:   Burst Fade haircut black men 

and  Low Fade Undercut Black Men  (2 min 7 sec. )


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