28 June 2020



In this video I’ll be demonstrating how to do a mid fade pompadour

Now for every haircut that I do – especially if it’s long on top – I always like to wet down the hair, just to get an idea of what I’m gonna be working with. (i.e, how am I gonna style it and exactly WHAT I’m gonna be able to cut).

Cuz you want to make sure exactly what you’re gonna be able to style.


Now I’m starting off with my Andis T clippers on it; of course, these are cordless but as you can see I’m creating my first guideline.

Okay.. so now I’m gonna go ahead and use my wall shavers to bald down my client – and to also give it a better look.

So the next step — I created a second guideline with an open lever … and pretty much what I’m gonna do is I’m trying to keep it really simple by doing this fade. And helping you guys improve your skills — and by not just staying in one certain spot (meaning keeping your client in a chair for so long).

Hopefully these steps that I’m going to demonstrate to help you guys to improve your skills.. Okay guys now I am using the one and a half guard.. and also I created another guideline. Now the only reason why I like to use a one and a half guard is to make it much easier for me to do the clipper over comb – and also to do this fade .

Okay guys so now I have an open lever and I’m also using my favorite comb; now a lot of people will ask me “hey what if you want to buy this comb? If you go on google and type in “$2.99 a flat top comb”… I believe there’s a website for it but I don’t remember the website — but it’s easy to find.


Just type in $2.99 flat top comb and I do suggest you get this; it’s a life changer for me. I get my job done quicker — and you know it makes my fades come out cleaner. Okay so the next step is I grab my 1:16 guard.

Now you can see that line right? So I have an open lever with an 1/16 guard and pretty much what I’m gonna do is soften out this bottom line you know and closing this lever little by little.

This Mid Fade Pompadour is starting to come out really nice..

(Watch video for further details ) on Skin Fade Pompadour


NEXT UP  –  Skin Fade Pompadour


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Haircut Expert shows HOW To Create a FADE HAIRCUT for a Black man - specifically, the MID Fade Pompadour

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