Platinum Blonde Pixie Hair Tutorial: 5 Minute Video

16 March 2019

Short Cut – Platinum Blonde Tips:  Caring for a Pixie

In today’s video I’m going to touch base with you on many things, in case you have gotten a ‘platinum blonde pixie cutand want to know how best to care for your hair — and what to know before you take the jump into platinum hair. Ok, I got platinum hair back in February, so it’s been almost a full year for me that I’ve had JUST platinum hair.

I did put a purple in my hair, but I just let that fade out to platinum again. So anyhoo I’m going to talk to you about care and what to expect when it comes to platinum hair.

Ok, so first things first – definitely trust your colorist when it comes to this. They know best for your hair, and they know what your hair can handle– and if it’s possible for your hair to “go platinum”.  Not everybody can go platinum.


Now if you have had a box dye on your hair, or if you have something very red in your hair and if your hair is very fine and fragile and dark .. it probably will not be possible for you. It is NOT possible in just one session, and your hair will have to go through several stages before it can get to that point.

But definitely talk to your colorist before you make any rash decision on going platinum — because you want it to stay on the healthier side. Another thing with platinum hair:  it is going to be more on the damaging side, so for me that’s not a huge concern as I have thick, coarse hair — so by the time it gets to that super fragile state, I’m already cutting it off.

So definitely listen to your colorist as to hair care at home — especially if you are going to “go platinum” all over, it’ll be a lot better for your hair in the long run — and you won’t deal with as much breakage with your hair.

But that is definitely something to expect is a longer hair-care routine for your hair.


Platinum hair is definitely an upkeep. If you’re used to getting the highlights, and iF you’re used to going about 6 to 8 weeks in between highlighting your hair that’s not necessarily something you can do with platinum hair. As your hair grows out, you’ll have a harsher line & it’ll be more noticeable.

The further away that that line gets from your natural hair color to that platinum, the harder it’s going to be to get that all even (especially if you have darker hair).

If you have lighter hair, it’s really not that big of a deal. But if you do have darker brown hair like myself, I will not lift too evenly if my hair grows out too much. So that is definitely something to remember, the fact it is a very expensive process to have done. It will be a more frequent hair coloring appointment; rather than just getting highlights.. or just getting a darker base done to your hair, it is definitely going to be a more expensive process. It is definitely a LONGER process the first time you get it done.

The 2nd time will not be quite as long, but it’s still a process — so expect it to be more expensive before jumping into this.

As once you are a platinum blonde, if you want to keep it, then it will continue to be expensive for you going forward.


Final Tip: You’ll want to keep a purple shampoo on hand (to ENSURE your hair stays platinum in between appointments ]

When it comes to the Platinum blonde pixie ideal,  it takes a lot of upkeep !

See more tips from Cassi: See 3 min. in to SEE which Shampoo and conditioner she uses. At 4 minutes, she discusses using a Mask.

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What To Know Before Going Platinum:  Hair Care
What To Know Before Going Platinum: Hair Care

If You have a platinum blonde pixie cut and would wish to KNOW how to PROPERLY care for it, this 5 min. 'Platinum Blonde Pixie Tutorial' video is for you. What, u say? You can find out which PRODUCTS are best and ...

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