Foot Massage for Pregnant Woman

2 October 2019

Foot Massage For Pregnant Woman

Massage during Pregnancy :  YT Video  (3 Min. long )

My name is Willa. A licensed massage therapist — and I’m here to show you how to give a foot massage during pregnancy.

The first thing I like to do is have used some reflexology techniques ..and loosen the ankle. I like to use the lymphatic drainage techniques on the foot during pregnancy.

Because of the swelling that happens in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy — and in a woman’s feet — this helps the Foot alleviate that swelling and make it more comfortable, when mom is walking.

Massage on the feet during pregnancy can relieve a lot of stress that the feet are bearing with all that extra changes in the body; due to the changes in weight, the changes in your joints (being looser).

Remember to always consult your physician if you have a high-risk pregnancy before getting prenatal foot massage.

TIP:  it’s important to drink lots of water after your prenatal massage – due to the increased circulation (dehydration can occur). Staying hydrated is very important because of the increased blood flow during pregnancy. *Another reason to prevent dehydration is sometimes dehydration can cause contractions. Massage during pregnancy can be very relaxing for the mom and can also help increase flexibility and help muscle tone during your pregnancy — and also can provide mother with a more positive sense of well-being   (from ModernMom YT Channel ).

For those who are in Pennsylvania, there is a Foot massage in Philadelphia at LeReve Rittenhouse Spa that will SOOTHE and rejuvenate !

>> You can view their Massage services here .

(Tip:  You Scroll down to See Foot reflexology )

(They have Halotherapy and skin care, as well as variety of Massages – Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone, Pre-natal and Swedish )

U can make an Appointment by phoning:  (215) 701-6272

They are in Rittenhouse Square – in ‘Center City‘.


More Video:  Prenatal Massage /Massage the Foot

Pregnancy Health Tips : Treating Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

If u want to know how to deal with swollen feet while you’re pregnant !

I’m Michelle collins CN midwife and professor of Nursing at Vanderbilt University. All pregnant women, to some degree, will have some swelling in their lower extremities.

It’s due to hormones causing the the fluid to come out of the vessels and pool in the lower extremities. So some women will notice that ‘at the end of the day’, it gets much worse.

Ok something that you can do to help decrease this is ‘elevate your feet twice a day for 20 minutes’.. with your feet AT LEAST higher than your hips — so if you’re just sitting on a couch/laying on a couch.. or in a recliner, that won’t help as much as if your feet are elevated above your hips for 20 min (twice a day).

Also not crossing your feet at the ankles or crossing your legs will help decrease that edema that’s swelling in the lower extremities. Increase your water consumption… especially water-rich foods like pineapple, melon, grapes, asparagus & mushrooms. Those things will also help keep the water from staying in your body – but it will …

massage-foot-video CONTINUE Watching “Treating Swollen Feet During Pregnancy”

Foot Massage Tips:  More Resources –

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