Massage the Foot : Foot Massage Tips

19September 2019

Massage Foot with Expertise: Series on Proper Massage Technique


Hi and welcome to Expert Village. This series is on massage therapy.

My name is Alexon Roy and I will be your therapist for today. I have been doing massage therapy now for 8 years.

I studied in Englewood, New Jersey and I have a license in New York, California and Atlanta, Georgia, as well as New Jersey. And what we are going to focus on today is the foot of all things.


I will explain why the foot. We will talk about different muscles and different things that go on with the foot; and then we will go into reflexology — which is probably the most widely used modality when working on the foot.


How To Reduce Cramping in Your Foot

If you feel any type of pain or discomfort or cramping in your foot, it is most likely due to the fact that there is not that many muscles in your feet — and you might be going through dehydration, or lack of circulation or something like that.



So, we are going to try to do what we can to relieve any type of tension in your feet and just stay tuned..

Here’s some more of my videos:


From Youtube:

How You Can Massage Foot Correctly

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